My name is Allison, and it's a pleasure to virtually meet you!  I am your go-to-girl for all things flowers, landscapes, and even design.  More than just a florist, I consider myself an artist, who uses the natural world to express myself and all that is within me.  Rather than confine myself to the ways in which flowers have been traditionally used, I like to push the envelope, and find unique ways to create beauty while violating the limits of traditional form and function.  The bigger the challenge, the happier I am! So when a client asks me to build a suspended floral chandelier to hang above a ceremony site, I am ready to go!  Want your bridesmaids to carry floral purses instead of traditional bouquets?  I can do that.  Want a matching pair of floral shoes and hair combs for an event? I can do that too. Maybe you imagine being married in front of a floral and succulent wall...  I have your back.  With Lotus & Lily, you aren't just getting a florist.  You're getting a visionary with a passion for creation and design, who is here to rock your world with flowers.  
What else? Well, I live in Glencoe, Illinois, a tiny suburb outside of Chicago, with my husband Michael, 4 kids, and 2 fur babies Olivia and Vedder.  When I am not running Lotus & Lily, you can find me being Mama Bear to my 4 cubs. I am a miner of life’s experiences, and a lover  of all thing original and outside of the box.  I believe in leaving each space more beautiful than when I arrived, and I look forward to working with you to create something beautiful!
allison@lotusandlilyfloral.com   847-786-3069   www.lotusandlilyfloral.com